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Our attractions are of a different kind!

While our villa offers privacy, security, tranquility and a relaxing atmosphere, you may wish to venture out.
The villa is located in a village called Kurana offering you the experience of a village lifestyle. Go back in time and experience the true indigenous Sri Lankan lifestyle. If you’re feeling energized why not use the bicycle facilities also provided at our villa to explore the surrounding areas.
A one-hour train or bus ride will take you to Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka where you can shop for exclusive lines and designer label brands.
An authentic Sri Lankan meal cooked by 80-year-old “Leena” can be organized for you on your return.

Angurukaramulla Buddhist temple

The famous Angurukaramulla Buddhist temple, which is rich in history and culture, is just 2 kilometres away from the villa. It is best known for its epic statue of the Buddha, and its dragon-entrance - inside you find detailed murals that date back centuries.

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St Anne’s Church in Kurana

Built in gothic architecture and adorned with cement carvings on the ceiling, St Anne’s Church is a mere 150 metres from the villa.

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Street fruit stalls

In just a short walk you will notice the streets of Negombo adorned with mouth-watering local fruit stalls.

Negombo beach

Renowned for its beauty Negombo beach stretches north from the town right along the hotel strip before fading into a palm tree distance. A short ride in a tuk tuk will take you to there where you can swim or watch fisherman sell the local produce.

Negombo lagoon

The nearby Negombo lagoon offers attractions of yet a different kind … enjoy a boat ride through the nature reserve or checkout the wildlife and plant life indigenous to Sri Lanka’s coastal wetlands.

Dankotuwa Porcelain factory

A thirty minute journey from the villa will take you to the Dankotuwa Porcelain factory which is named after the town of Dankotuwa which is famous for its clay based terra cotta products. It is believed that the name of the town Dankotuwa originated from the two Sinhala words Dan and Kotuwa, which means an area [Kotuwa] being used for giving alms [Dan] during the reigns of ancient Sinhala Kings.